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CVRH Certification Recipients

Certified Vacation Rental Housekeeper (CVRH) is the designation your front line housekeepers and housekeeping subs will want to achieve.

The first ever recipient of Certified Vacation Rental Housekeeper (CVRH) is Lisa Verduzco, the Executive Housekeeper at the Beach Club in Gulf Shores, AL. Lisa received this in 2002.  Steve Craig of Pro Resort Housekeeping is also a recipient.

May 2019 Orlando, FL 
One Day Housekeeping Seminar


Liliana Rojas - Casiola Vacation Homes
Maialed Busca - Casiola Vacation Homes
Josselly Lozada - Casiola Vacation Homes
Shaun McCorny - Breezeway
Wanda Barnes - Tybee Vacation Rentals
Letti Santana - Lizzie Lu Island Retreat
Elizabeth Reach - The Goodman Group
Courtney England - Tybee Vacation Rentals

February 2019 Myrtle Beach, SC
One Day Housekeeping Seminar

Lisa Honeycutt -Debordieu Rentals

Irene Creel -Debordieu Rentals

Michelle McClellan -Debordieu Rentals

Hona Miller -Debordieu Rentals

Sherry Morris -Debordieu Rentals

Latrice Grant -Debordieu Rentals

Brenda Deas -Debordieu Rentals

Donna Moyd -Island Realty

Leonora Jennings -Island Realty

Brittany Holmgren -Island Realty

Ray Alvarez -Island Realty

February 2019 Outer Banks, North Carolina
One Day Housekeeping Seminar

Stephanie O’Neal -Surf or Sound

Brooke Reed -Surf or Sound Realty

Liz Routzahn -Surf or Sound

Amy Hakola -Surf or Sound

Leslie Becker -Premier Vacation Rentals @Smith Mtn. Lake

Ruby Brown -Southern Belles

Maria Williams -Joe Lamb Jr. & Associates

Jackie Church -Joe Lamb Jr. & Associates

Joseph Thomas Lamb lV -Joe Lamb Jr. & Associates

Jennifer Vasko -Carolina Designs Realty Inc.

Dustin Lee Woodruff II -Carolina Designs Realty Inc.

Kona Coast Vacation Rentals Completes
One Day Housekeeper Certification 

On December 12th, 2018, several housekeepers completed the one day training course and passed the test to become certified housekeepers. The individuals were:

- Courtney Jessop
- Taylor Dempsey
- Coreena
- Amy Deleon
- Tristen Harrison
- Sherri Bugenhagen
- Lucy Stewart
- Irma Sneden
- Michelle Fletcher
- Ted Klassen
- Abby Smith
- Esther Lily Goy
- Justin Chen
- Cynthia Tofolla
- Elizabeth Villicana
- Brisalia Arroyo
- Cindy Quiming
- Rose Main
- Jessica Guzmer

2018 Certified Housekeepers on Oahu, HI

It was an outstanding day as multiple companies came together to discuss short term vacation housekeeping best practices. The certified housekeepers are: 

- Jim D. Carlo from VacayClean
- Jason Seale from VacayClean
- Tricia Ilaroan fromJ & I Cleaning
- Irene Kalili  fromJ & I Cleaning
- Brett Lee from BnB Services Hawaii
- Pam Ostgard from Ola Properties
- Jennise Sylva from Ola Properties
Debi Gunett  from Ola Properties
- Jarred Montero from Ola Properties

Breckenridge Resort Managers Certifies Housekeeping Staff

In preparation for the ski season Resort Managers in Breckenridge, CO took time out of their busy day to attend a one day housekeeping seminar. The housekeeping staff was a little nervous to take the test, they all did well on the exam. The certified housekeepers are: 

- Lauretta Babich
- Elso Malcolm
- Alfredo Caraveo
- Martha Vargas
- Aracely Estrada
- Blanca L. Estrada

2018 Certified Housekeepers from the Winter Park, Co Seminar

With the ski resorts ready to open multiple companies come together for a one day housekeeping seminar. There two cleaning professionals that braved the Certified Housekeeper Exam. The two cleaning professionals that passed were: 

- Jenny Blevins from Steamboat Lodging Company
- Shawn Garbis from Cabin Works

2018 Certified Housekeepers
from York, ME Seminar

There are three newly minted Certified Housekeeper and Inspectors. The three individuals participated in the a VRHP one day seminar, at the conclusion of the day they took the exams. The individuals are:  

- Michelle Williams from Atlantic Vacation Homes
- Carol Venetsanakos from Atlantic Vacation Homes
- Lisa Laird from GetAway Vacations

2018 Music City, USA Certified Housekeepers

VRHP just completed a one day training seminar in Nashville, TN. Several participants stayed after to become certified housekeepers. Those that passed the test were: 

- Brandon McSwain from McSwain Management LLC
- Dylan Murphy from McSwain Management LLC
- Chad Chapin from Stay Local Nashville
- Rachel Carter from Another You
- Rebecca Wilson from Chattanooga Vacation Rentals
- Wendy Swinehart from Chattanooga Vacation Rentals
- Tarah Riegel from Chattanooga Vacation Rentals
- Heather Cooper from Chattanooga Vacation Rentals
- Katherine Holmes from Chattanooga Vacation Rentals
- Brandon Lee Blackwell from Chattanooga Vacation Rentals
- Ollie Bramlett from Chattanooga Vacation Rentals
- Owen Adams from Chattanooga Vacation Rentals
- Sara Baggett from Chattanooga Vacation Rentals
- Rachel Curtis from Chattanooga Vacation Rentals
- Alice Ellis from Chattanooga Vacation Rentals
- Francisco Arango from Chattanooga Vacation Rentals
- Allie Williamson from Southern Domestic Diva

2018 LiveRez HousekeeperCertifications

LiveRez, at their partner conference, sponsored the exams for all those that decided to attend the training sessions and take the exams. THANK YOU to LiveRez for their sponsorship. The certified Housekeepers and Inspectors are: 

- Daniel Carrill from Clean Getaway
- Jami Schmidt from Lake Michigan Cottages
- Linda Sweet from Cody Lodging
- Shawna Jose from Branson Vacation Retreats
- David Moore from Stay Montana
- Joe Jasinski from Stay Montana
- Tom Burgess from Stowe Resort Homes
- Melissa Merrell from Stowe Resort Homes
- Natalie Stevens from Bear Lake Lodging
- Brenda Cochran from Snowshoe Prop Mgmt
- Christina Spatharos from Alpine Getaways
- Darbi Bolton from Stay Local Nashville
- Laura Odom from Stay Local Nashville
- Mary Beth Quinn from Snake River Sporting Club
- Don Morton from June Lake Accommodations
- Danielle Brown from Crystal Vacation Rentals
- Rachel Doty from Crystal Vacation Rentals
- Anthony L. Soto from Seaside Vacations
- Felicia Bias from Seaside Vacations
- NK Symmt from On the Water in Maine
- Catherine Buegel from Bluewater Vacation Homes
- Cynthia Elliott from Beachcomber Vacation Homes
- Brett Babick from Big Sky Vacation Rentals
- Kayla Wallace from Vacation Renal Authority
- Shannon Cockrell from Amelia Rentals
- Darcey Ling-Scott from Family Time Vacation Rentals
- Elayne LarsonBray from Family Time Vacation Rentals
- Noel Riske from Vacation Rental Authority
- Dane Wood from 30A Vacay
- Alisha Mears from Southern Comfort Cabin Rentals
- Britney Snyder from 30A Vacay
- Bayly Winkler from Bluebird Day Vacation Rentals
- Terry Craven from Ridge Realty Rentals
- Alex Diaz from Visalegre Rentals
- Ana Diaz from Visalegre Rentals
- Carmen Close from San Diego Beach King
- Jacy Walker from Vacay AZ
- D. Ryan Lewis from Sierra Vacation Home Rentals

2018 Sunset Beach, NC Certified Housekeepers

2018 Outer Banks, NC Certified Housekeepers

2017 Outer Banks, NC Certified Housekeepers

2016 Taylor-Made Deep Creek Vacations - Deep Creek, MD 
Certified Housekeepers

Carolina Designs 2010 

Listed in order:
BJ Okleshun-CVRH, CVRI
Joey Dellegrotto CVRI
Toni Sawyer CVRH, CVRI
Joan Bundy CVRH, CVRI
Jennifer Marcotte CVRH, CVRI
Ann Johnson CVRH, CVRI
Nancy Dellegrotto CVRH, CVRI
Heather Stough CVRH, CVRI

Not pictured are:
Elizabeth Eure  CVRH, CVRI
Shawna Twist CVRH
Christina Blake CVRH
Rachel Clouse CVRH
Judy Goodridge CVRI


Certified CVRH 2008

ResortQuest Delaware Beaches
Left to right : Hazel Spence, Gloria Rogers,
Theresa Johnson, Antanell Bailey, Andrea Knight

The following Emerald Isle Realty staff have received their CVRH certification during training week March 21-26, 2011

Staff pictured above are:


Abi Nicholson

Roy Charles Laird, Jr

Rosa F. Laird

Tyre Lathon

Christina Richart

Jennifer Root

Chrsitine A. Weatherholtz

Sonya L. Deese

Sandee Sander

Cathi Lake

Cori Lynn Frost

Callidas Burton

Staff pictured above are:


Michelle Pair

Linda Brown

Jennifer Harvey

Tabatha A. Davidson

Kathy Reese

Harry Edwards

Joy A.  Coleman-Rhodes

Joy A. Richards

Marietta Wenzel

Staff pictured above are:


Ligaya Legaspi

Stephanie Belles

Stephanie Blandford

Brittany Ferrell

Jeanette Watson

Karen W. Morales

Staff pictured above are:


Whitney Smith

Alisha E. Gilliam

Leah Faye-Marie Duncan

Amanda Kedigh

Savannah Mills

Patricia Szini

Mary Casner

Staff pictured above are:


Lenka Krepelka

Sonja Garrard

Jennifer McCallister

Erma Mature

Rome Ames

Stephanie Loudermilk

Linda Fountain

Maria Helms

Brenda Hansen

Tinamarie Frechette

2007 Pro Resort Live-in Seminar
  • Wanda King, Hatteras Realty
  • Mildred Godwin, Meyer Real Estate
  • Deborah Wilson, Meyer Real Estate
  • Deborah Stone, Carolina Designs
  • Carol Bower, Carolina Mornings
  • Erendia Reyes, Padre Island Rentals
  • Stuart Pack, Hatteras Realty

    Emerald Isle Realty

  • Kathy Manning
  • Anita Harget
  • Pat White
  • Debbie Peltier
  • Julia Barrera
  • Lena Robert
  • Pam Snyder
  • Bob Miller
  • Lola Wiggs
  • Becky Brady
  • Patty Barnes
  • Diane Rogers
  • Doug Funk
  • Teresa Towns
  • Linda Hurst
  • Terry Morrison
  • Melina Erickson
  • Norma Conger

  • 2005 Pro Resort Live-in Seminar
  • Ewa Wietecki, Ocean Reef Club
  • Jennifer Blankenship, Village Realty
  • Jana Pyper, Deer Valley Lodging
  • Anita McClure, Village Realty
  • Robin Shaw, Island Realty
  • Sharlene Peltier, Emerald Isle Realty
  • Pam Ballard, Island Realty
  • Shannon Lopez, Island Realty
  • Juan Vilcapoma, ResortQuest Sun Valley